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 Settlement locations

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PostSubject: Settlement locations   Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:34 am

Hi, my name is Pywackt. In game, you may find me playing as JanohWavewalker.

For various reasons, I needed to find out the size of all settlements. This is what I found.

Emerald Hills - 393 squares
Jade Island - 151 squares
Sphene Lake - 401 squares
Phengite River - 312 squares
Agate Shore - 405 squares
Malachite Peninsula - 302 squares
Garnet Bay - 310 squares

This was done by viewing the source of the document and counting all the instances of "onclick="travel_to(".

On a side note. Malachite Peninsula is located very nicely very near the Arkh Quest giver.
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Settlement locations
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