The Azure Storm

a guild in the Flamefrost realm
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 Welcome to Azure Storm

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PostSubject: Welcome to Azure Storm   Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:07 am

Welcome to Azure Storm!

First and foremost, let me give you our vision for the guild. We are a multi-faction guild (all factions) for the purpose of raiding together, teaching each other the nuances of the game and to develop some online friendships. It is not my belief that everyone will get along or even like each other and I do not expect that. What I do expect is for everyone to treat each other with regard and respect.

Part of the game design is PVP (player versus player) and faction conflict but our guild will intentionally stay out of that portion of the game. I am not saying we will not engage in PVP or faction wars, we just won't use our guild to favor one faction over another.

As for a list of rules, I am not inclined to draw out a list or draft a constitution just yet. For now, the leadership will try and work out issues as we come across them so let us guide our actions and activities as we will until issues arise and the need for more direction presents itself.

Last but not least, our guild is currently a 'come and go' organization. We will place no obligations on anyone other than behavior and treatment of members. Any ideas, goals and thoughts you wish to offer are welcome.

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Welcome to Azure Storm
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